Friday, 30 October 2020

JUVE-Handbook 2020/2021: Orth Kluth again with strong presence in numerous rankings

Once again, Orth Kluth is widely represented in the JUVE-Handbook 2020/2021 in the nationwide rankings of the individual fields of law. In the regional ranking "Düsseldorf", Orth Kluth is among the top 25 law firms:"Like only a few comparable competitors in Düsseldorf, the law firm has gained a great reputation in advising large clients. The reason for this is its consistently implemented internal restructuring. The medium-size, well-rehearsed, cross-departmental teams are not only convincing with their work in existing mandates, but new mandates are also regularly added." (Source: Juve-Handbook 2020/2021).

Orth Kluth is represented in the national rankings of the following fields of law:

  • Employment Law,
  • Compliance-Investigations,
  • Corporate Law,
  • Real Estate Law and Construction Law,
  • Litigation - Dispute Resolutions,
  • M&A,
  • Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law,
  • Competition Law
  • Transport Sector: Regulatory Law.

It is pleasing that the IP/IT law practice group headed by Dr. Ulla Kelp LL.M. and Dr. Philipp Mels has been recommended for the first time in the areas of Trademark and Design Law as well as Competition Law: "Local competitors, in particular, follow the continuous development of the medium-sized law firm in Trademark and Competition Law with respect. Among other things, the increasing number of litigious proceedings contributes to the growing reputation." (Source: Juve-Handbook 2020/2021).

The renewed top ranking (category 2) in the field of Transport Sector - Regulation is also remarkable.

In the recommendations, the Orth Kluth lawyers Dr. Guido Matthey (Employment Law), Dr. Markus Berndt (Compliance-Investigations), Dr. Marc Henze (Corporate Law), Boris Körner (Corporate Law), Dr. Kai-Michael König (Corporate Law, M&A), Dr. Christian Meyer (Corporate Law), Dr. Robert Orth (Corporate Law, M&A), Dr. Gary Klaft (Real Estate Law and Construction Law), Dr. René Runte (Real Estate Law and Construction Law), Dr. Anselm Grün (Regulatory Law) und Dr. Michael Sitsen (Regulatory Law).