In accordance with the applicable law, a number of legal transactions only take effect once a notary public has notarised them. In other cases, the contracting parties choose notarisation in order to obtain legal certainty and to render claims from a deed subject to immediate enforcement.

Notarisations at our Berlin location

In our Berlin office, we offer notarial services with a focus on real estate law, corporate law and inheritance law. It is only natural for us that our clients' requirements involve international matters. Our notary's office cooperates closely with lawyers, tax advisors and auditors. The guiding principle of our services therein is the notary's legal obligation to strict neutrality.

Focus on real estate law
The drafting, notarisation and execution of real estate purchase agreements, even for larger real estate portfolios, constitutes the focus of our notarial practice in real estate law. Our services range all the way to providing legal security for financing. We assist property developers in implementing their projects and we draft and notarise all the requisite documents such as declarations of division of residential complexes, security for easements and contracts, for the sale of flats.

Focus on corporate law
The notary public of Orth Kluth supports you in drafting articles of association as well as shareholder agreements. We do not only notarise company purchase agreements, but also annual general meetings and shareholders' meetings. In addition, we support the reorganisation of corporations as well as other structural and capital measures under corporate law.

Focus on inheritance law
Our notary is entrusted with the notarisation of wills and inheritance contracts. We also draft and certify contracts for our clients concerning gifts in the context of anticipated succession.