Criminal Compliance

Entrepreneurial responsibility does not come without risk. This applies in particular to managing directors and board members. They are not only liable for their own mistakes, but also for legal violations occurring within the company if they fail to establish appropriate control mechanisms. Effective compliance management has become ever more important and so is cool-headed defence in the event of an emergency.

Prevention and compliance consulting

An important focus of our practise in commercial criminal law is preventive counselling; we advise medium-sized companies as well as groups on all aspects of corporate criminal law and criminal tax law. Our main tasks include identifying and assessing criminal law risks and developing effective compliance structures, along with implementing them, in close cooperation with the client. In doing so, we pursue a consistently integrated approach that considers the intersection between data protection, corporate law, labour law and criminal law in particular.

Focus on integrated compliance consulting
Concepts for the prevention of compliance violations; consulting in dealing with compliance violations at the interface to other legal areas (data protection, tax law, foreign trade law, antitrust law, etc.); analysis of the operative business under criminal law aspects.

Focus on compliance management systems
Development, implementation and optimisation of criminal compliance management systems including risk analysis; development of guidelines, codes of conduct, factsheets, checklists; training of employees and managers; preparation of training materials, also for qualified trainings; establishment and operation of whistle-blower hotlines.

Representation in investigation and criminal proceedings

If your company is confronted with criminal investigations against executives or employees, we accompany you through all phases of the process. If necessary, we coordinate the internal investigation and support you with technical data collection and evaluation. When exchanging information with the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board, we shed light on the issue of how the company itself must act as an injured party.

Focus compliance investigations
Forensic IT based data analysis (E-Search, Compliance-Tools); legally compliant results through complementary data protection and labour law analysis; interviews; evaluation and strategic classification of investigation results.

Focus representation and defence
Support in the preparation and in all phases of criminal investigations; counselling of companies in investigation and criminal proceedings against executives and employeesincluding the filing of criminal charges; defence of companies against sanctions, register entries and other consequences; assistance during raids in the premises of the company