Team Organ Liability / D&O

Disputes over the liability of board members, managing directors and supervisory boards have gained in importance in Germany. Managers of companies are becoming more and more common, for which they worked. But also from a third party, e.g. from insolvency claims for compensation can be asserted against company managers.
In these cases, the Organ Liability / D&O team will advise you comprehensively. The complex economic and financial implications of directors' and officers' liability cases, especially when directors' and officers' liability is claimed by insolvency administrators, are also part of our work in the area of directors' and officers' liability / D&O insurance.

Our clients

In D&O claims, our lawyers advise D&O insurers as monitoring counsel and coverage counsel. On behalf of company managers, we act as defense counsel in agreement with the insurers.

Litigation experience

Our lawyers have special experience and knowledge in the field of directors' and officers' liability / D&O insurance. We are in charge of numerous court proceedings in these areas. Our clients benefit from the expertise of our lawyers due to their many years of litigation experience and their adept handling of courts.

We take great care in dealing with the multitude of legal aspects and coordination requirements that arise for the parties involved in the proceedings (defendants, persons notified of a possibility to accede to the proceedings (Streitverkündete), excess insurers, etc.).

We are also regularly involved out of court in complex cases in order to avoid recourse to board members.

Full-service consulting from a single source

The lawyers of the Organ Liability / D&O team are regularly entrusted with the legal challenges arising from the liability, corporate and insolvency law as well as the insurance law facets of organ liability / D&O insurance cases. We also comprehensively cover other legal areas which may play a role in liability cases against company directors (such as investor and banking law, data protection law, antitrust law and white collar law) with the support of specialised colleagues from our firm.

IT-supported forensics

Orth Kluth uses the latest information technology for the evaluation of large amounts of data. This also includes the provision of protected data rooms for the clients. In this way, our team effectively and quickly analyses extensive documentation and data volumes for the purpose of obtaining information and preparing examination results that can be used in court.