Intellectual Property Law & Competition Law

Ideas, innovations and knowledge constitute the essential capital of a company across a wide range of industries. Protecting and defending trademarks, patents, designs and, last but not least, know-how effectively is often crucial in order to survive in international competition. New media channels have already changed te way we communicate and so will the interaction between business and customer.

Comprehensive advice on trademarks, patents and designs

Orth Kluth offers its client a full service in the field of intellectual property. Our IP experts provide strategic advice on the protection of intellectual property and accompany the acquisition, worldwide monitoring and maintenance of trademark, patent and design portfolios. We assert intellectual property claims on your behalf and defend your intellectual property rights in opposition or nullity proceedings. In particular, we advise companies with a high potential for innovation on all legal issues in connection with employee inventions and support them in drafting appropriate contracts.

Acting with legal certainty in a competitive environment

We comprehensively review advertising and marketing measures for you with regard to their admissibility under competition law. We represent you in the event of warnings, preliminary injunctions and lawsuits for unfair competition. Ultimately, we help you to ensure the protection of know-how and trade secrets in your competitive environment through bulletproof contract design and effective compliance. In close coordination with our commercial lawyers, we solve challenging tasks in the context of your e-commerce strategy and, together with our antitrust lawyers, we keep an eye on marketing and sales under competition law aspects.

Well advised on media and copyright law

It is part of our understanding as an outsourced legal practice that we cover all topics that may arise in your day-to-day business. Therefore, we also consult you on the copyright protectability of works such as photos, films or software and are your point of contact in all questions of media and communications law as well as general and exceptional personal rights.

Focus on intellectual property
Strategic advice on trademarks, designs, patents, utility models and domains; administration, protection and maintenance of trademark and design portfolios; trademark and design applications, searches and monitoring; representation in trademark actions and injunctions, trademark appeal, nullity and cancellation proceedings, domain arbitration and border seizure proceedings; Employee invention law; product and trademark piracy; license agreements, agreements on assignment by way of security, leasing or pledging of protected rights, cooperation agreements, R&D agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Focus on competition law
Consulting on classic advertising measures and (direct) marketing projects; advertising and sales on the Internet and via social media; protection of know-how and trade secrets; drafting and negotiation of advertising agency and cooperation agreements; litigation.

Focus on copyright, media and public speaking law
Advice and representation in matters of media, press, public speaking and personal rights law; drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts in the film, event and music industries.