Flexible, effective and confidential. The benefits of arbitration proceedings are obvious. Both international corporations and SMEs are therefore increasingly turning their backs on national courts and allowing a private court of arbitration to take an ultimate judgement on their case – without a general right of appeal and enforceable practically worldwide thanks to the New York Convention.

Well advised, even before the match kicks off.

The lawyers at Orth Kluth advise you right from when you draw up a contract as to whether arbitration proceedings are the right choice for your company. We can develop an arbitration clause entirely consistent with your requirements. Arbitration proceedings are as flexible as a Swiss army knife: in principle, the parties may freely choose the rules of the game, such as applicable law and even the composition of the arbitration tribunal. We can support you in availing yourself of these organisational options to your greatest possible benefit.

Profit from expert knowledge

Arbitration tribunals often deal with technically and legally highly complex matters. Our day-to-day advisory practice means that we are entirely au fait with such topics and important dispute issues. Moreover, we harness the extensive industry acumen held by our specialised teams, such as from our multi-award-winning Team Mobility. In this way, we work reliably with the optimum line-up. This extraordinary close collaboration means that we are often ahead of the opposing party in disputes, characterising Orth Kluth as specialists with an eye for the big picture.

Hard negotiations, friendly relations

Orth Kluth represents clients in Germany and abroad in proceedings according to the rules of recognised institutions, such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the German Arbitration Institute (DIS), or the Swiss Arbitration Centre. Our objective is to achieve an optimum result for your company by meticulous preparation and developing made-to-measure strategies for each litigation case. It goes without saying that we can also advise you to reach an amicable agreement without prejudice. Ideally, the proceedings will be concluded and you will be able to continue your successful business relationship with your contractual partner.