There is hardly ever full harmony within the business world. The courts regularly deal with conflicts between competitors, trading and sales partners, customers and businesses, managers and corporations. Since these courts are often overburdened or the parties may be interested in discreetly resolving a conflict, out-of-court dispute settlements have become increasingly more important.

Committed to your interests

The litigators of Orth Kluth advise and represent domestic and foreign clients in civil law disputes concerning complex legal disputes, both before state and arbitration courts. Many of the disputes we accompany are of a cross-border nature. We are particularly experienced in this area having successfully represented companies from the industrial, insurance and SME sectors.

A large part of the cases we accompany revolve around liability questions and/or claims for damages, often in the context of a manager liability under involvement of D&O insurances or in view of a product liability. Our repertoire also includes the – at best consensual – resolution of disputes relating to contracts and sales.

With verve, precision and experience

We do not like to argue unnecessarily, but whenever necessary we do so passionately and well. Our litigators work meticulously to process the situation and ensure that your point of view is reflected clearly. If additional expertise is required, such as in insolvency law, insurance law, corporate law, intellectual property law or IT law, we cooperate closely and efficiently with our partners from other practice groups.

Focus on product liability
Defence against claims and/or recourse (e.g. in disputes in the automotive supply industry, in mechanical and plant engineering, etc.); liability and damage disputes; product recall.

Focus on contractual disputes
Disputes arising from national and international contractual relationships (e.g. serial damages in framework supply contracts); disputes arising from insurance contracts (e.g. coverage proceedings in the context of product liability insurance, architect's liability, etc.); disputes arising from real estate law and commercial space rental disputes.

Focus on distribution disputes
Disputes arising from commercial agency contracts, authorised dealer contracts, distribution agent contracts; defence against and enforcement of compensation claims; arbitration proceedings arising from international distribution contracts.

Focus on manager liability/D&O
Defending and enforcing liability claims against managers (directors, officers) and supervisory bodies; acting as monitoring counsel for D&O insurers in connection with liability claims; coverage disputes within the scope of D&O insurances.