Team Audit & Investigations

Business life is interspersed with numerous risks that can be realized in the company as a compliance violation. Management is also under great pressure to assume liability and act. In an emergency, compliance violations can mean the end of a company (JUVE-Rechtsmarkt Nr.5/2019, p. 50). In this situation the Orth Kluth Team Audit & Investigations advises you across practice groups.

Compliance full service in one team

Orth Kluth's Audit & Investigations team offers you genuine full service. We bring together different areas of expertise and guarantee advice that illuminates all facets of your business.

Our lawyers, specialising in white-collar crime law, labour law, data protection, antitrust law, corporate law and contract law work together to identify risks and establish security measures within the company. The lawyers in the Audit & Investigations team have many years of professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, which is particularly useful when sector-specific risks need to be identified quickly. They are experienced in dealing with public prosecutors, antitrust, data protection and supervisory authorities as well as courts.

Efficient process control by experienced lawyers

If there are indications of a compliance violation, the lawyers of the Audit & Investigations team provide fast and efficient support in clarifying the matter. This can also be done in parallel with official investigations.

This has three main advantages for you as management:

  • You quickly receive the relevant information and are, for example, in a position to take adequate communication measures or to react appropriately to reproaches by the authorities.
  • You remain able to act without having to wait for official results.
  • You can proactively optimize internal processes.

The process is methodically clear, technically accurate and set up with modern forensic technology. From many years of experience, our investigation experts know where to look and what questions to ask. Thanks to numerous cross-border projects, their network ensures that the results of investigations can be used in national and international courts.

In addition, the results are prepared in such a way that they provide a reliable basis for optimising processes within the company even after the crisis has been overcome.

IT Forensics and Legal Tech

The evaluation of large amounts of data is inconceivable without technical support. Orth Kluth's Audit & Investigations team also relies on IT forensics. Data analyses are carried out effectively and quickly using the latest information technology. In addition, we use LegalTech to support process control, finding management and document creation.

Further advice in the event of a compliance violation

If a compliance violation is verified, the lawyers of our corporate and criminal compliance team or colleagues from other practice groups remain active. Depending on the nature of the mandate, this includes concrete recommendations for action, which are drawn up in accordance with labor law, data protection law, corporate law and antitrust law.

From prevention to compliance advice

Orth Kluth's Audit & Investigations team also supports you in prevention and independently of suspicion. The aim of our advice is to use strategic measures to minimise risk in order to avert damage to the company. To this end, we deal intensively with internal company processes, responsibilities and possible weak points that can be the starting point for a compliance violation.

The findings of the Audit & Investigations team flow into strategic (compliance) consulting, for example to integrate compliance instructions into the business process or to optimize compliance management systems. Additional business insights are often also part of our final report.