About Orth Kluth

Orth Kluth Rechtsanwälte is an independent full-service law firm with offices in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Corporations from Germany and abroad mandate us as strategic legal advisors, as well as creative contract drafters, transaction lawyers, conflict resolvers, arbitrators and legal house keepers.

We provide our clients with everything they should expect from comprehensive, high-quality legal consulting. Our services are remunerated at rates that let you, as an entrepreneur, sleep peacefully.

Specialists with an eye for the big picture

At Orth Kluth, we see ourselves as a team of specialists with an eye for the big picture. Our lawyers are highly experienced in a variety of legal fields and industries. In addition, they are able to consolidate their respective expertise into a bespoke solution for the particular assignments.

We approach time constraints with efficiency and organisational strength and complexity with practical applicability and creativity. Just solving the legal problem is not enough; it is essential for us that our results also create entrepreneurial value according to our client’s needs.

In cross-border or international matters, we rely on a close network of reputable law firm abroad who cooperate with Orth Kluth on an ongoing basis.

So where has this left us? Medium-sized companies as well as international groups, including several Dax-30, MDax and TecDax companies, have placed their trust in us for years and continuously return.

25 years old – still dynamic

Founded a quarter of a century ago as a small office in Düsseldorf, we are now an established address for commercial law matters. We have retained the spirit of a dynamically growing unit over time. As a start-up at heart, we are experienced in operating and unerring we have attracted clients and highly qualified lawyers to come and join us.

Together with our portfolio and team, our reputation has also grown steadily: The JUVE Manual of Commercial Law Firms ranks our lawyers and practice groups among the leading in Germany for years; in kanzleimonitor.de, a survey of corporate lawyers, we are among the TOP 50 of the overall ranking.