Logistics projects and outsourcing

A logistics concept that works is crucial to the success of business models in the manufacturing industry and the modern retail business, especially the e-commerce sector. Logistics processes have to be precisely coordinated and closely interlinked – a bit like a Swiss watch movement.

Just one cog turning out of sequence can disrupt the entire supply chain. This poses a major challenge to many companies. It is also the reason why an increasing number of them – from DAX-listed corporations with global operations to regional SMEs – outsource some or all of their logistics processes to external service providers.

The logistics world is a very complex place involving all kinds of activities, from inbound and outbound goods, storage and stock picking, transportation and shipment by road, rail, sea or air. Logistics service providers offer a portfolio of services as wide ranging as their clientele. The objective is always to maximise delivery punctuality and optimise goods flows. Today many logistics processes are digital, and value added services are coming to play an increasingly important role.

There are all kinds of logistics-specific terms such as 3PL, inbound, outbound, stock picking, packing, intralogistics, value added services, ramp-up and SLA. Our legal experts in the specialist Logistics Projects and Outsourcing team are all very familiar with them.

We provide a comprehensive range of consultancy and project support services to retail companies (e-commerce and high street) and manufacturing enterprises in complex logistics projects (e.g. outsourcing, change of service provider or expansion of existing warehouse and logistics capacities). If necessary, our specialists can support the early phase of project planning by drafting a letter of intent as security for an investment or identifying special legal requirements or risks associated with a project, as well as and regulatory requirements. Our lawyers regularly draft and negotiate logistics contracts that are tailored to the client’s specific needs and provide advice on their execution, as well as any problems during the contract terms.

They have already advised clients in numerous complex logistics projects. This expertise in the design, negotiation and execution of customised logistics contracts is supplemented by their sector-specific knowledge.

There are often employment, real estate and public law issues in connection with logistics projects, for example when a business transfer takes place, a property is leased or hazardous goods are stored. Our full-service commercial law firm has direct access to the right specialists if their expertise is needed in a logistics project.

Logistics project and outsourcing services

We specialise in the following areas:

General contract and commercial law

  • Advice and support in the planning and management of logistics projects
  • Comprehensive advice on logistics contracts:
    • Customised to the specific requirements of the client’s logistics project
    • Review and optimisation of existing contracts
    • Contract negotiation
    • Advice on the drafting of any change agreements and addenda that become necessary during the course of the project
    • Advice and support in connection with contract terminations and changing logistics service providers

  • Project implementation advice during the contract term
  • Advice and support in connection with the preparation of tender documents for logistics projects

Litigation and arbitration proceedings

  • Extrajudicial representation in disputes relating to logistics contracts
  • Litigation in disputes relating to logistics contracts at law and arbitration courts and support in mediation proceedings

Real estate and construction law

  • Support in every phase of logistics property transactions and logistic property leasing or built-to-suit projects (custom-build of a logistics property by the developer in accordance with the future tenant’s requirements)
  • Legal due diligence audit prior to a logistics property transaction
  • Customised contracts of sale and purchase for real estate, built-to-suit contracts and commercial space lease agreements, as well as their negotiation in accordance with the specific logistics project
  • Advice on and organisation of any change and supplementary negotiations that become necessary during the course of the project
  • Review of compliance with construction regulations
  • Advice and support on the termination of commercial lease agreements

Employment Law

  • Advice on employment law aspects of logistics projects
  • Advice on potential risks associated with using concealed agency workers
  • Advice on business transfers within the scope of logistics projects

IT and data protection law

  • Advice on software (warehouse management systems etc.) and IT interfaces
  • GDPR-compliant design of logistics contracts
  • Drafting and review of any necessary data processing contracts

Public law

  • Advice on public construction and environmental law requirements when constructing or purchasing a logistics property
  • Advice in connection with the storage and processing of hazardous goods