Rights and Responsibilities of the GmbH Managing Director (German)

Special demands are placed on you as the managing director of a GmbH. In addition to the daily challenges in day-to-day operations, your position always involves some imponderables. In our managing director seminar, we show you in practical impulse lectures how to act as a managing director in a legally secure manner at all times and minimise liability risks.

Orth Kluth lawyers Boris Körner and Dr Christian Meyer will clearly present the essential rights and duties of managing directors of a GmbH with the help of overviews and examples. In doing so, they go through the entire life of a GmbH, from its foundation to its promotional activities to its liquidation. Finally, they shed light on special situations, in particular the crisis of the GmbH and any subsequent obligations under insolvency law.

The topics at a glance

  •     Introduction and basic information on the GmbH
  •     The executive body and the employment contract of the managing director
  •     The relationship of the managing director to other organs of the GmbH
  •     Essential duties of the managing director
  •     Liability of the managing director and protection through D&O insurance
  •     Crisis and insolvency

The seminar takes place in a small circle with corona hygiene. All distance rules will be observed.
If a face-to-face event is not possible due to the Corona pandemic, it will take place online. Your registration is valid for both possible event formats. We will inform you about our procedure in good time before the event.

We look forward to your registration via this link.

Tuesday, 15 November 2022, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr

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