Friday, 1 April 2022

25 Years of Commercial Law Firm Orth Kluth

Orth Kluth first opened with a team of three lawyers in an office in Düsseldorf’s prestigious Fürstenwall in 1997, while today there are 80 solicitors working at the firm’s locations in the Media Harbour in Düsseldorf and Europacity in Berlin. Orth Kluth celebrates its 25th anniversary as a commercial law firm of nationwide reach on 1 April.

“A quarter of a century, that sounds like a very long time at first,” says Orth Kluth co-founder Dr Robert Orth, still a little surprised. “I feel the time has gone much faster. Despite our robust growth over the 25 years we have now been in practice, we still retain the spirit of a dynamically growing unit,” he says with confidence.

Robust growth over a quarter of a century

“We are still a little bit start-up at heart, but at the same time experienced and purposeful in all we do,” says the youngest equity partner at Orth Kluth, Philipp Galaske, describing his impression of the law firm and its modern approach to work. He was accepted into the partnership in 2020. “The partnership has always made sure to keep processes and technology up to date so as to be able to meet our clients’ exacting requirements.”

Small and medium-sized businesses as well as international enterprises, including several Dax 30, MDax and TecDax companies, have been putting their faith in Orth Kluth for a long time. Some clients have been with the firm for over two decades. “In our line of business, that is a mark of exceptional recognition of which we can all be proud.”

Thanks to “an outstanding team”

The team of lawyers has developed in much the same way: many have already been on board for a long time, there is only little fluctuation. The recipe for success: “We go for a mix of ‘home-grown’ staff and additions from reputable law firms,” says equity partner Dr Christiane Hoffbauer of the Personnel project group. “This has resulted in the formation of an outstanding team that harmonises well on a personal level, too. Mutual respect is a given here.”

The partners at Orth Kluth expressed their thanks to all members of the firm’s team in a personal letter marking the anniversary: “Each and every day, everyone here gives of their best to provide our clients with the best possible advice and represent them successfully.” Robert Orth points out: “Everyone here at Orth Kluth should be proud of that and of the many outstanding results of their work, and not just now as we celebrate our anniversary.”

The Düsseldorf team will be setting out together on a trip to Berlin in June, where they will celebrate in style with their colleagues from the firm’s second location, in the German capital.

Established – and recognised – across Germany and the world

Today, Orth Kluth enjoys an excellent reputation throughout Germany for its commercial law services. Its portfolio spans all fields of law relevant to business. With its interdisciplinary teams, Orth Kluth also provides support on specific subjects that call not just for the appropriate legal expertise, but also in-depth industry know-how. Examples of these are its teams for Audit & Investigations, D & O, M & A in the health sector, as well as the competence teams Mobility, Hydrogen and Property Transactions.

The China Desk with experts from various different legal fields is chiefly concerned with advising Chinese investors and companies on their commitments in Germany. French and German companies looking to build up or intensify their bilateral business relationships will find a top team of specialists with the required legal expertise and language skills at Orth Kluth’s French Desk.

In not one, but several relevant surveys conducted by various specialist law media, the solicitors and practice teams of Orth Kluth have for years regularly ranked among the top scorers.

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