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At Orth Kluth, we see ourselves as a team of specialists with an eye for the big picture. Our lawyers are highly experienced in a variety of legal fields and industries. In addition, they are able to consolidate their respective expertise into a bespoke solution for the particular assignments. → learn more

Expertise in focus


There is hardly ever full harmony within the business world. The courts regularly deal with conflicts between competitors, trading and sales partners, customers and businesses, managers and corporations. Since these courts are often overburdened or the parties may be interested in discreetly resolving a conflict, out-of-court dispute settlements have become increasingly more important.

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Team Audit & Investigations

Business life is interspersed with numerous risks that can be realized in the company as a compliance violation. Management is also under great pressure to assume liability and act. In an incident, compliance violations can lead to the end of a company. In this situation, the Audit & Investigations team will advise you across practice groups.

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We regularly organize exciting and informative seminars and online seminars on current topics.

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Actually you are different – but you can rarely live up to it?

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Commentary on different chapters of the Beck-OK Antitrust Law on Art. 101 TFEU and Art. 4 Vertical Block Exemption Regulation

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