Monday, 27 April 2020

Compliance and White Collar Law: Wirtschaftswoche lists Orth Kluth with two lawyers as "TOP Law Firm 2020"

This year's Wirtschaftswoche surveyed the reputation of the law firms in two legal fields. In both, Orth Kluth Rechtsanwälte is set as "TOP Law Firm 2020": In the category "The most renowned law firms and lawyers for compliance", Gereon Conrad LL.M., Salary Partner at Orth Kluth, is listed. Dr. Markus Berndt, Partner at Orth Kluth Rechtsanwälte, is listed in a top position in the category "The most renowned law firms and lawyers for White Collar Law".      For Orth Kluth, these awards are a "confirmation of our intensive work and our growth in these two fields of work".

The Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI) asked 1.000 white collar law and compliance lawyers in 150 law firms for their most renowned colleagues. The jury then gave its assessment: 42 law firms for compliance with 57 lawyers and 62 law firms for white collar law with 95 lawyers prevailed - which are now listed as the best law firms and lawyers for compliance and white collar law by Wirtschaftswoche.

To the overview of Wirtschaftswoche:

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