Monday, 16 March 2020

Business challenge Coronavirus - we support you!

The coronavirus continues to spread and causes economic disruption worldwide. The effects on companies are manifold, all stakeholders of companies are directly or indirectly affected: employees, customers and suppliers, investors, banks, authorities and many more.

In doing so, it is now also necessary to deal with considerable legal issues. How are current contracts to be handled? Which liability scenarios arise? What are the possible structures? How can future projects be structured? What precautionary measures are to be taken? Is public aid possible? 

Orth Kluth's lawyers are at your side and support you as best they can with their professional expertise. Current tasks of our clients are, for example:

  • Impact on supply, service and works contracts from a force majeure perspective: what can suppliers or service providers do now? What rights do clients have?
  • Questions concerning employment law: This is specifically about release from work, home office, continued payment of remuneration, etc. - and, of course, the introduction of short-time working, for example as a result of an interruption in the supply chain.
  • Pandemic clauses to contractually regulate the risks and effects of the pandemic (delivery dates, costs, termination, etc.).
  • Employee data protection: Do data protection and the employer's duty of care in case of an infection conflict? What is to be observed in concrete terms?
  • Export ban on medical protective equipment.
  • Impact on procurement procedures and the possibilities for urgent assignments.
  • Dealing with official general decrees and prohibitions.
  • Monitoring of emergency plans and preventive measures.

Of course we also try to protect ourselves as best we can. All lawyers and all other important functions within our law firm are fully operational in home office.

Please feel free to contact your contact persons in our team at any time.

General medical information about corona can be found here:

Germany: Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI)

Europe: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Worldwide: World Health Organisation (WHO)

Coronavirus Resource Center of Johns Hopkins University (USA):