Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Orth Kluth appoints Dr. Bastian Mehle as Salary Partner

On July 1, 2019, Dr. Bastian Mehle was appointed Salary Partner. Dr. Bastian Mehle has been a lawyer with Orth Kluth since 2008 and advises clients on export control law, criminal compliance and antitrust law.

With his appointment as Salary Partner, Dr. Bastian Mehle at the Berlin office will be even more involved in compliance consulting together with the compliance team in Düsseldorf.

"Orth Kluth will thus continue to strengthen itself optimally from its own ranks and is well positioned to meet the growing number and requirements of compliance mandates," says Dr. Markus Berndt, Partner at Orth Kluth.

Dr. Bastian Mehle is also a member of the interdisciplinary Orth Kluth team "Audit & Investigations", a team specialising in white-collar crime law, employment law, data protection, antitrust law, corporate law and contract law, which identifies risks in the business activities of companies and establishes security measures.

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