Monday, 26 June 2017

Orth Kluth recommended also for 2017 in Handelsblatt Ranking on Germanys best lawyers, “Deutschlands beste Anwälte”

The list published by the editorial department of the newspaper Handelsblatt is based on the 9th annual edition of the Best-Lawyers-Rating. This rating was elaborated based on a extensive Peer-to-Peer survey, in which lawyers were asked, which lawyer beyond their own lawfirm – which competitor – they would recommend for certain cases.

As in previous years, several of Oth Kluth’s layers are amongst the recommended lawyers. In the area of labour law, this is Dr. Guido Matthey, for corporate law Dr. Peter Kluth and Dr. Robert Orth, in insurance law Dr. Julius Böckmann, and, for the first time, Dr. René Runte for construction law.

The complete list for the year of 2017 is available on the website of Handelsblatt.

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