Friday, 21 January 2022

Further growth in the IP/IT team at the beginning of the year. Orth Kluth is joined by two new lawyers and takes over part of the FARAGO client portfolio

At the beginning of the year Orth Kluth is taking over a large part of FARAGO Patentanwalts- und Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH’s brand and design law client portfolio. FARAGO has decided to relinquish its legal business and focus on its long-established and very successful patent agent business. It has recommended clients to transfer their legal business to Orth Kluth as the successor law firm. The quality of mid-sized law firm Orth Kluth’s IP/IT services, as well as its full-service business model, both contributed to FARAGO’s decision to transfer its clients to Orth Kluth. In the future both law firms will be collaborating on a case-oriented basis.

Two new lawyers join the Orth Kluth IP/IT team

Within the framework of a portfolio transaction lawyers Markus Kreuzkamp and Maren Müller-Mergenthaler, LL.M. are moving from FARAGO to the Orth Kluth IP/IT practice group headed by Dr Ulla Kelp and Dr Philipp Mels. In this new constellation at Orth Kluth they will ensure the seamless transition of client advisory services. “It’s been a wonderful start to the new year. We’re delighted to be expanding our IP/IT practice group and look forward to working with the new members of the team,” said Ulla Kelp.

Markus Kreuzkamp built up the transferred client portfolio, managed it with the support of Maren Müller-Mergenthaler, and later took it with him to FARAGO. He contributes his expertise to the IP/IT practice group as Counsel, catering to clients with a special focus on patent law.

Maren Müller-Mergenthaler is coming to Orth Kluth’s IP/IT practice group from FARAGO as Salary Partner. She specialises in IP and strategy counselling on issues relating to trademark and design law, research, patent applications, collision monitoring, complaints and invalidation proceedings, as well as court litigation proceedings in matters of trademark, design and competition law.

Appointment of salary partners to the IP/IT team

At the beginning of the year Dr Michael Grobe-Einsler was appointed as Salary Partner in the IP/IT law practice group together with Maren Müller-Mergenthaler. He joined Orth Kluth in 2018. “We are proud to be able to offer these career advancement opportunities to our team members,” commented Philipp Mels.

Orth Kluth’s Founding Partner Robert Orth added, “The new members of the team and the new clients are the foundations for our future growth. We are very pleased that FARAGO sees us as the ideal partner and intend to impress our new clients with our excellent service and broad expertise base, both in the field of industrial property rights and in other areas of the law.”