China Desk

Chinese investors and companies have high obstacles to overcome if they wish to enter the German market, due to the highly regulated nature of the German legal system, the constantly evolving culture around corporate governance and foreign business culture. Orth Kluth's China Desk supports Chinese investors in overcoming these obstacles. In addition, we offer comprehensive advice with regard to German commercial law which covers all phases of the investment.

Alongside colleagues who have trained in China and Germany, and who speak Chinese as their native language, our experienced partners support Chinese investors and companies with their engagement in Germany and offer comprehensive advice in all relevant areas of German commercial law.

We tailor our advice particularly to the needs of Chinese companies and help Chinese executives and businessmen to identify and comply with their rights and obligations when engaging with Germany.

Main focus of our China Desk consulting services:

Legal advice to Chinese companies on business operations in Germany, including:

  • Assistance in commercial transactions in drafting and negotiating supply contracts, as well as contracts to produce work whilst taking into account the relevant import regulations.
  • Contracts with distribution partners in Germany,
  • Questions on intellectual property rights,
  • Special expertise in plant construction law.

Assisting Chinese investors with their investments in Germany, including:

  • Establishment of companies and commencement of business activities in Germany,
  • Corporate acquisitions and takeovers,
  • Strategic and financial investments in German companies,
  • Joint ventures,
  • Real estate transactions.

Corporate housekeeping for German subsidiaries and affiliates of Chinese companies

The Acquisition of industrial property and associated rights

Support for managing directors and executive employees, including:

  • Employment contracts and remuneration,
  • Rights and obligations concerning the exercise of office and avoidance of liability,
  • Issuing of visas, right of residence, work permits
  • Social security and tax law issues (in cooperation with our tax partners).

Shan Liu
Dr. Robert Orth
Dr. Philipp Mels
Dr. Kai-Michael König
Dr. Simon Grosse-Brockhoff
Alexander Falk