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At Orth Kluth, we see ourselves as a team of specialists with an eye for the big picture. Our lawyers are highly experienced in a variety of legal fields and industries. In addition, they are able to consolidate their respective expertise into a bespoke solution for the particular assignments. → learn more

Expertise in focus

Antitrust Law

The number of antitrust violation prosecution by the authorities has skyrocketed to new levels. The European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) have imposed new record fines on cartel members, demonstrating how serious they are about ensuring fair competition. In order to maintain a market equilibrium, mergers are constantly under the microscope.

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Real estate transactions - Team RET

Real estate transactions are as diverse as the real estate itself and the economic background for its purchase and sale. In order to accompany transactions efficiently, Orth Kluth's Expert Team Real Estate Transactions (RET) bundle their specialist knowledge of real estate law and corporate / M&A for an optimal result for their clients.

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The Brexit judgement of the EUGH: A legal and political error

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