Orth Kluth:
Specialists with an eye for the big picture

At Orth Kluth, we see ourselves as a team of specialists with an eye for the big picture. Our lawyers are highly experienced in a variety of legal fields and industries. In addition, they are able to consolidate their respective expertise into a bespoke solution for the particular assignments. → learn more

Expertise in focus

Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law, Competition Law

Ideas, innovations and knowledge constitute the essential capital of a company across a wide range of industries. Protecting and defending trademarks, patents, designs and, last but not least, know-how effectively is often crucial in order to survive in international competition. New media channels have already changed te way we communicate and so will the interaction between business and customer.

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Team Organ Liability / D&O

Disputes over the liability of board members, managing directors and supervisory boards have gained in importance. Managers of companies they have worked for are increasingly being sued for damages. The Organ Liability / D&O team advises insurers as Monitoring Counsel and Coverage Counsel; we act as Defense Counsel on behalf of company managers.

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Actually you are different – but you can rarely live up to it?

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YouTube, user-generated content and the question of liability for copyright infringements

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